Sunday School

Every Sunday before worship, please join us for Sunday School as we enjoy coffee, pastries, fellowship, and the inspired Word of God. Sunday School is usually taught by Pastor Robert Arendale, and occasionally by elders, visiting pastors, or guest missionaries.

Adult Sunday School:
A Journey Through Exodus

Exodus Alexey Tyranov Moses Mother Nile

Moses’ mother places him in the river, by Alexey Tyranov

Teacher: Robert Arendale
When: 9:45 AM
Where: Birkes Elementary

Our current Sunday School series takes us on a Redemptive Historical journey through the book of Exodus. Join us as we follow the people of Israel out of Egypt, through the wilderness, and toward The Promised Land. What do the Ten Plagues of Egypt symbolize? What were the purpose of the Old Testament sacrifices? Explore these questions and more as we journey through Exodus.

Children’s Sunday School

Teacher: Stephanie van Oudenaren
When: 9:45 AM
Where: Birkes Elementary

Our children are lead in Biblical learning through prayer, songs, reading, crafts, and games.

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